No TV – The Big Turn On

Piper’s No TV/No Screens week ended tonight with a bang and a whine. She celebrated by visiting Club Penguin when she got home from school. She was even pretty good about turning it off when it was time to go to the Library for an Olde Tyme games and activities event. She really enjoyed trying out the stilts and the hoop and stick thing and actually was pretty successful handling both.  We left the games event a little early because it got kind of cold outside. When we got home she asked if she could play on the computer again and I suggested that she watch a show instead because Glenn was coming home soon and I didn’t want her to get too wrapped up in the computer. Little did I know I shouldn’t have bothered. She was so into her show she couldn’t even manage a decent conversation with her Father. This caused a protracted period of whining, hiding of heads in pillows, fed up Mommies and pissed off Daddies. We laughed, we cried, seriously, it was better than Cats. She managed to make it up to her room without being put into a time out but ended up falling asleep on her bed without being read to or cuddles. I told her that whenever she chooses TV over her parents she’s going to lose. Every. Time. Still, it makes me a little sad.

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