The Day Before Anniversary

Tomorrow is my 9th wedding anniversary. Today is the 9th anniversary of the day before my wedding. This is the all important day where I ran around like a kook doing stuff all the while trying not to ruin my pricey mani/pedi or disfigure my face and or extremities. It is also the 9th anniversary of a parking ticket I got while sitting double parked in our old Saab Schnaable on a Park Slope street, waiting for the alternate side of the street parking period to end or start or something. The point of my gripe is that I was literally sitting in the car at the time that the officer handed me the ticket. I didn’t realize that she was there until she pushed it through the open window at me. I was so engrossed in my upcoming nuptials and looking at the new camera Glenn had gotten me for the honeymoon and generally being all bridey and pampered that I didn’t even notice her until it was too late. It is also the 9th anniversary of my Dad’s famous line to Glenn at the rehearsal where he said that Glenn was going to be “looking down on her (me, his dear daughter) for the rest of his life so why not start now”. We had the ceremony on some steps and we were trying to decide if I should be one step higher than Glenn so we’d be eye to eye or on the same step. I knew what he meant when he said it but I still remember violently stabbing at him with my eyes. He messed with the specialness on the wrong day and made me nervous about what he’d say or do at the wedding. Thankfully he behaved himself (either that or I’ve blocked any major infractions) and he got it out of his system at an appropriate time.


One thought on “The Day Before Anniversary

  1. kate pavao says:

    Congrats you guys! Still remember your beautiful wedding — and your lovely singing! 🙂 Miss you all! kate

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