The Day of My Life

I waited a long time to meet my husband and didn’t get married until I was 35. I questioned if love was ever going to happen for me. I needed to get through a lot of duds until I found my true one. Since I was on there certainly were a lot of duds coming my way. I seemed to attract the ones who had just broken up with the love of their life so they didn’t want anything serious but were up for discussing their shoe fetish but first could I walk on their backs. You know a real renaissance man. It was all very dispiriting. But then I was contacted by a guy who was clever and sweet and lived right in the neighborhood. After some promising emailing we agreed to a movie date. We saw The Muse, it was pretty weak. We had a snack at Dizzy’s, it was tasty. We took my dogs for a walk, they loved him and he didn’t hate them. We had a really good second date. At night this time! He brought me a gift (a Ninja Transformer Ramen Bowl)! A kiss! Things really took off for us when Hurricane Floyd came to NYC. We both got sent home early from work because of the storm. He came over with his Godzilla video tapes and basically never left. We were inseparable from that point on. Our relationship progressed quickly and I was sure of how I felt about him just a couple of weeks later. We went on another movie date (American Beauty this time, really good movie!) with his friends David and Debbie. At dinner Debbie told me that when they all went to the Museum of Natural History Butterfly exhibit she was surprised to see how strangely attractive Glenn was to the butterflies. When he tried to leave the guards wouldn’t let him out because he had too many winged admirers hanging on his coat. I knew that I loved him right then. I felt like one of those butterflies, hanging on tightly.

Really I began the day
Not with a man’s wish: “May this day be different”:
But with the bird’s wish: “May this day
Be the same day, the day of my life.”
Randall Jarrell


One thought on “The Day of My Life

  1. Deb says:

    I am glad that my comment convinced you to seal the deal Glenn :^)

    You guys are a great match.


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