Making lemonade

Did you ever have one of those days? You know the kind where you end up at the end of it seriously questioning your parenting abilities while drowning your sorrows in wine and a case of Thin Mints®? Saturday was definitely one of those days for us. I won’t go into the whole sordid story. Just know that it involved a bowling birthday party where my daughter only really knew the birthday girl, not a whole lot of actual food, lots of awesome home made birthday cake and fruit punch and lots of useless plastic swag that required lots and lots and lots of arcade tickets. All these parts combined and inexplicably shot my dear 7 year old daughter into an outer orbit of FREAKOUT. She didn’t return to earth (and her senses) until several hours later and not before a shouty tense drive home with lots of kicking of seats, many lengthy 7 minute visits into Time Out, loud whining, actual hitting and much gnashing of teeth. I’m leaving out all the really crappy parts (really!) but I think you probably get the idea. In the end she ended up with a minimum two week ban on access to all screens. She had to give us both apologies, explain what she thought happened (she got MAD!) and she had to write a nice note of apologizing to her friend for making such a scene at her birthday. This girl is so smart and funny and kind yet she can utterly lose her sh**t at the drop of an arcade token. We’ve been calmly discussing what happened ever since. I told her that it was OK to get mad but how she acted when she got mad was not OK. Glenn told her that he was disappointed in her behavior especially since she had promised us that she was going to hold it together. Yes, Saturday was really tough but then dear Internets, we had Sunday. We got up on Sunday and she was a little bit whiny because since she couldn’t watch TV (part of her punishment) she, “didn’t know what to do.” I wanted to go for a run on the trail and asked her if she wanted to come with me. She didn’t at first but then she got into it. She got to listen to her ipod with some old Walkman headphones we found. It was really fun to do together and I think it was very healing for us. She and I definitely needed some healing. Saturday I posted this and Sunday you guys read it. It was the single busiest day on this blog so far and it really made me feel good. I thank you for that dear Internets. Now, if we could just work on getting you guys to comment on the posts but that’s OK for now. Sunday was very hot and breezy and Piper helped me hang laundry on the clothesline. It was the first load of the season and she enjoyed playing in my nightgown. Glenn’s been wanting to make lemonade for a while now. He complains that we spend too much money buying lemonade in a store when home made lemonade is cheaper. I bought a dozen lemons for about $4 and I can buy a carton of Newman’s for $2 and change. Um . . . doing the math. Anyway, we found this recipe and people let me tell you, it rocked!! We used raw cane sugar just so we could feel superior to the kid down the block making theirs with plain white sugar and it tasted excellent. We almost drank the whole thing right there on Sunday. The three of us worked together making it and that made it extra nice. We’ve had a lot of crappy things happen in our family over the past couple of years but we’ve made it this far together. Dealing with these parenting challenges is just another lemon chucked into the mix. Clearly we need to re-evaluate our methods cause whatever we’ve been doing up till now hasn’t been working very well. I have confidence in our little family to get through this. After all, we made lemonade because life gave us lemons.

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2 thoughts on “Making lemonade

  1. David Orbach says:

    Earlier in the entry you mention “lots of awesome birthday cake.” Could there be a correlation?

    • roolalenska says:

      Most definitely. I do not think that she can handle her sugar at all. All they had to drink was super sugary drinks as well. A lot of the time her freakouts will come when she’s hungry and cranky from low blood sugar as well. It’s hard to keep up!!

      Thank you SO much for commenting David!!!

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