I’m watching you Silk Soy Milk!

We have happily used Silk Soy Milk in our home for years. Piper wouldn’t tolerate cow’s milk when she was a baby and Glenn is lactose intolerant so we just started using Silk for everything. This morning I opened a brand new red carton of the Original flavor and poured it into Piper’s cereal. She was whining about the lack of ample cheerios so we were off to a great start already. She took one spoonful of her cereal and said it tasted weird. There was more whining and complaining about the milk so I took a look at the carton. That’s where I saw that this:

Original yet so new!I tried calling the phone number but it was too early and just got the automated system. I tried again when I got home from work. I told the nice young man that answered the phone that I was disappointed to see that they had changed their Original flavor. I’m glad that I called because I got the real story. The Original Silk Soy Milk in the red carton that we have always bought was always made with organic soybeans. They are not making it with organic soybeans anymore now just “All Natural” ones. We all understand how meaningless that label is. This is just a dirty trick. I didn’t notice this change on the carton. I just assumed that this new carton was the same stuff I always bought because IT LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME as the old one. He said that I could still get the Original Original flavor if I bought the “new” Organic Silk Soy Milk (I think that it is in a green carton). Great, I’ll get to buy the same product and now pay more for it because it is specifically labeled “Organic” and I won’t be able to find it as easily. Grrrrrrr! The carton still says that the now all natural soybeans used are non-GMO so that makes me feel a little bit better but I’m still mad. I’ll also mention that even though the carton tells me that I’m entitled to my money back if I don’t “love” the new taste, the nice young man on the phone didn’t mention that option at all. This makes me suspect that maybe they are so inundated with calls that they are not even bothering to ask anymore.

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