Mother’s Day

My parents went to China on Friday. They are going on a cruise of the Yangtzhe river. I admire their gumption. I don’t know if I’d want to be touring the globe when I’m 80 or close to it. They’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately (Italy, the Philippines, Florida) but it seemed like my Dad was kind of dragging my Mother on this one. I think seeing the sights in China is more his dream than my Mom’s. My Mother spent her Mother’s Day making travel connections. It was the first Mother’s Day that we haven’t seen her since my daughter was born. We went to my in-laws and had dinner with the family there. It was a nice celebration though I think I probably had a little too much wine. My daughter got me a frog with a sparkly back to put in the garden. She pretty much held it together all weekend behavior wise but we had a couple moments. We’ve been tussling a lot lately. We have gotten to the point where either she accepts that life means having to do things you don’t actually want to do or you have a really crappy time of it. She’s been getting better but we’ve had to get through a lot of the crappy in order to get to the good. I guess my tolerance level has dropped as well. She had one too many inappropriate tantrums in the last year and I’ve pretty much reached my limit. Sometimes when she talks back to me and she’s trying to be so mean I feel some of the hurt that my Mother must have felt when I talked to her like that. It is strange being on this end of that. My parents are definitely hard for me to deal with and I’m mostly glad when I am not around them. This Mother’s Day however I found myself missing my Mom. My parents are pretty old and I can’t help but think now how alone I’ll truly be once they die. Now that my brother is gone I have no other family left.


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