I had to give him one.

I grilled shrimp tonight. I marinated them in a little of our lemonade (it’s all purpose!), fresh basil, salt and pepper and olive oil. They came out great!! When I was in the store I saw that they had shelled and deveined shrimp from Thailand and intact shrimp from the gulf. I decided to get the gulf shrimp because I wanted to support the people down there who will probably loose everything soon. I started cleaning the shrimp by the kitchen sink under the open window. Soon after I started I could hear Quarter meowing underneath the window. Glenn and Piper were riding bikes in the driveway and they said he was sitting there staring intently up at the window. Next thing I know there was a loud noise and I look up to see the cat hanging with both paws on the window screen peering in at me. He looked very surprised to learn that he couldn’t actually get in the window. I was glad there was because otherwise he would have come sailing straight through and probably would have landed right on my pound of shrimp. I guess that I probably shouldn’t have rewarded him for his little stunt but I gave him a shrimp anyway.

I just love that little guy.


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