Reunion Day

Dancers from Dance Parade 2010

Hubbi Frubiends! I’m blogging to you from big ol’ NYC today. It’s a beautiful day and there are people EVERYWHERE. I’m sitting in the Starbucks at Astor Place, home of non-free WiFi. Boo to that. I’ve got my little cell phone set up and I’m bucking the system as it were. I have a little while before it is time to meet up with my two High School girlfriends. I’m hoping that there will be two. My one friend texted me this morning that she wasn’t feeling well and I told her to take a power nap and let me know later. Sending good thoughts her way. We are going to have dinner and then go to a High School reunion of sorts. I was in an alternative education program in HS called SWAS (which stands for School Within A School) and my friend Mark who was in my brother’s class is having a reunion at his store in the East Village tonight. I wanted to go to represent my brother but I wanted to have some people there who were from my era so I invited some to come with me. When I first entered SWAS in 10th grade in 1982 there were still a lot of hippies and dead heads there. By the time I left in 1984 the future of SWAS was iffy. The Reagan era had started and everyone my age suddenly thought they should be a republican for some reason. SWAS was good for me. It was a much more nurturing environment than I would have had in regular English and Social Studies classes. We didn’t have tests and called our teachers by their first names (how very 70’s that was now that I think of it) and the students had a lot more say in the direction of the classes we had. You were graded on your class participation which was a bit of a struggle for shy me.

The train was very crowded this morning. I almost didn’t get a seat. I sat down on the aisle seat next to a young couple. I chatted with them briefly since they were friendly. Then I noticed the man was reading a copy of AWAKE! magazine which is a publication of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I was pretty sure that he would manage to give me a copy before the end of the trip and I was right. I had put on my ipod to discourage any further chit chat but he flagged me down as we were pulling to a stop in Grand Central. Everyone’s got an agenda I guess.

I came in early and met my friend Jed for lunch. Jed and I used to date a long time ago. We work a lot better as friends than we ever did as a couple. My brother introduced us when I first moved to Brooklyn. He works here. It is a very cool old place that I would highly recommend visiting. We had yummy asian food and walked out to find a dance parade in Union Square. There are giant groups of people all dancing their way to Tompkins Square. I got some video. It all feels very NY, wacky, big and brightly colored. I don’t feel too much like a country mouse here in the city but I feel like people can tell that I’m kind of a tourist. Oh wait, there’s a gigantic band of kids going by now all playing instruments. When the band stopped marching all the kids with smaller instruments lifted them above their heads and danced while the tubas and drums kept playing. AWESOME!

I’ll try to write more later!


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