Reunion Day II

So it was a very long day in semi-new shoes yesterday. The kind where at the end all you want to do is take your shoes off but you know you can’t until you’re at your final destination. Because once you get them off you will not be able to fit them back in again for at least 6 hours.

The SWAS reunion was fun even if I didn’t know a lot of people there. I’m really glad that I went. I recognized a lot of the faces but either didn’t know or couldn’t remember the names. It was wonderful to see everyone anyway. I still can’t decide if I think that Mike would have gone to this reunion or not. He loved his friends, especially his old ones. Growing up we held our friends very tightly I guess because our family was such a mess. Some of my brother’s classmates told me that they remembered me as a little girl. One of my brother’s very close friends told me that he still thinks of Mike every single day. I told him I thought that Mike would like that. The people we love who die cease to exist unless someone is remembering them.

It was wonderful to see my friend Carolyn again. We had a lot of time to catch up, eat delicious pretzels and pizza and laugh. She lives in Manhattan with her husband and two boys, 7 and 3. We laughed about 7 and the drama of it all. She told me that she had gotten back in touch with a guy we both knew from High School. He was such an extremely shy and nebbishy person back then who always seemed to be on the outside looking in. To be honest I was probably pretty mean to him back then. I was pretty low on the food chain in High School but he was even a bit lower than me. Carolyn said that she’s been back in touch with this guy since and he’s shared some stuff about his life back then. Apparently he lived in a very physically abusive situation at home. It made me so sad to hear that. I was sad that one of my peers had to go through that. I feel ashamed to think that I may have bullied him a little myself. It is so easy for kids (and adults) to cut themselves off from their humanity and not recognize that another person is in pain even when it is so clear to see if you really stop and look.


3 thoughts on “Reunion Day II

  1. arlette Sanders says:

    Marisa…it was so wonderful to see you last night…you look just like “Marisa” at 16……hard place to talk but I was happy that you were so engaged with Carolyn….I think Mike would have attended,,,,some of his old classmates (who admired him so much) attended and they would have convinced him to show up…gentle and quiet…but “there”,,,I think of him….and also of your parents’ sadness…whenever I see his sensitive face…..and of course I think of you whenever I get to about my third cup of coffee (at about 11 am)……love pix of your daughter……so glad you came

    • Roolalenska says:

      Thank you Arlette! It was wonderful to see you and Annette and Frank too!! So many familiar faces from childhood and teenhood. I was glad that I could be there even though it wasn’t really my year. It was definitely my SWAS and always will be. I agree with you Mike probably would have been there. He would have been making fun of it on the outside but he would have loved it. It was such a NY day with the Dance Parade traipsing through the Village. All the people, the variety and the colors. He loved NYC and whenever I’m there I feel closer to him.

  2. Michelle says:

    I am so sorry that I missed this wonderful event but more so sorry that I missed seeing you my dear dear friend.

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