The Night of Itchy Feet

Last night at bedtime my daughter’s feet were very itchy. Just on the soles. Nothing on the skin to see. No rash, redness, bumps, etc. We tried washing them – she enjoyed scrubbing them with the bath puff, putting anti-itch cream on them, calamine lotion et al but nothing helped. She scratched and scraped them against her wall, the edge of the dresser, the rug, etc. but nothing would relieve the itching. I finally gave her a benedryl and she was able to fall asleep an hour and fifteen minutes after bedtime with me scratching the soles of her feet. Ahhhh I thought, finally relief. I was glad that she was asleep too. Throughout her little itchy episode she got increasingly hysterical and whiny. It was great! I consulted Dr. Google and really got nothing on itchy feet with no outward signs of a rash, other than there are plenty of other people who have had the same problem and don’t know what it is.

OK fast forward to 1 am ish . . . she wakes up again with the itchy feet. This time it’s all the more worse. I’m bleary eyed. She’s totally delirious. Half-asleep from the benedryl and itchier than ever. I tried getting her to put her feet on ice packs but she said they were too cold. So we spent about an hour with me trying to get her to stop screaming and her ordering me to scratch faster. We tried anti-fungal spray but that didn’t do anything either. I tried calling the 24 hour nurse service our Pediatrician offers. They were very busy so no one called back until after we had both fallen asleep again. The nurse was nice but didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know or suggest anything I hadn’t already tried. She only fell asleep again because I scratched her feet to sleep. I guess she couldn’t fight the remnants of the benedryl anymore and frankly neither could I. I’m not sure what to do now???

I ask you, has this ever happened to you?


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