Back in the 80’s, in those bad ol’ day glo leg warmer Long Island days my friends and I invented our own catchphrase. There were many annoying ones back then and ours attempted to be an antidote to the coarser and less refined sayings of the time. This was back when everyone around us either talked like a Valley Girl or a member of the A Team. Everyone in our school was saying “Wild!” constantly as a positive response to everything. Wild was pronounced Why-Uld, with a whiny emphasis on the “I” sound at the beginning. Sort of like an early form of Foine! Wild was so widespread that it became annoying. I don’t remember who exactly came up with substituting “uvula” for “wild” but I know I can’t take credit for picking the word. I think it might have been due to an initial understandable confusion that one of my friends had with the exact location of the uvula on the body. For the record, the uvula is the little punching bag shaped flap at the back of the throat featured prominently in many cartoon throats.

We quickly started describing good things as uvula or uve for short and it was really uvula for a while. Alas, it was a short lived fad and never really went too far outside of my circle. I was thinking how I could possibly revive the magic now. It would certainly showcase my skills (or lack thereof) as a social marketer if I was able to get complete strangers to start using the word. So dear reader, if you’re reading this post (you know who you are, that’s right all 15 of you) give a kid a break and try to use uvula in conversation today. It feels good, I promise. You are bound to make the people around you smile. If someone tries to make a uvula shaped Silly Bandz I’ll know my work is done.

Have a totally uvula day!

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