The girl in the mirror

In the mornings my daughter likes to brush her teeth and get dressed in the bathroom with me while I put my make up on. When I first look at myself in the mirror I usually make a negative comment about myself. I do this without even thinking. It is casual. It is automatic. I’m just verbalizing what is running through my head. I don’t like my hair. I think I look old and tired. I’ll make a comment about my outfit that I just put on, it doesn’t really matter. Most times it’s just in humor but I definitely need to stop doing this. This is because right next to me in the mirror is my daughter. My other mirror. As I stand there and make judgements about myself I can see her watching me looking into the mirror and then looking at herself  and making her own judgements about what she sees there. I tell her to love all the parts of herself and that she is beautiful and good and kind. Then like a liar I turn to the mirror and only talk about how I don’t like what I see there. I need to stop doing this. Now. I need to walk the walk and talk positively to that woman in the mirror. I don’t want the little girl in the mirror to just fixate on what she doesn’t like when she looks at herself because she thinks that’s what you do when you grow up. I’m making a promise now to look at myself with love and acceptance because that is what I want for both girls in the mirror.


3 thoughts on “The girl in the mirror

  1. doreen says:

    well said and bravo to you for acknowledging that this is something you need to change for the sake of your little girl! As mom’s we spend so much time trying to build our daughter’s self esteem and we often forget how fragile it is. Our role is so powerful, even in the most simple moments such as putting on makeup! thanks for reminding me!!

  2. GutsyWriter says:

    I’m so happy to hear that you will change what you say. I write about kids on my blog.

  3. […] to remember to accept that I’m me and I’m great and fun in my own way. It’s that mirror thing again. On the one hand I’m telling my daughter to love herself and others, and at the same […]

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