My Dad

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of your father?

Literally, the first thing that popped into mind is my father’s feet. One of the most infamous lines from childhood is my dad saying, “I can’t go out, I’d have to change my socks.” It is strange because there is so much to say when you’re talking about my father. Frankly, he’s really a big pain in the ass and is one of the most difficult and infuriating people that I know.

Not too long after my parents moved out of Great Neck, Glenn and I went to the supermarket in their new town with my dad. We walked in the front door and I saw him make a bee line to a woman just inside the front door. I thought, oh nice he’s made a new friend and he’s going to introduce us or something. Then we hear the woman loudly yell, “Who hell do you think you are?” and I know that he’s probably not friends with her. Glenn and I ran and hid in the produce section so no one else would think that we were with the crazy man accosting the other IGA shoppers.

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