My New Do

I got a haircut yesterday. I didn’t get just one cut I got them all cut . . . thank you thank you, I’m here all week.

Actually, I first got my haircut last Friday. I went in and told my stylist – the amazing Marie-Claire at Tredora that I wanted to cut it all off. I like the long hair but I since I just wear it up everyday I really don’t see the point of having it long. Marie-Claire suggested that we just clean up the cut that I had and then if I wasn’t completely happy I could come back and she’d cut it for me again. She gave me a great cut but after a week of living with it all I could think about was cutting it off again. I went back in yesterday and you see the result here. I feel like I look younger and more like a grownup at the same time.

I LOVE it. Piper, not so much. She proceeded to cry and have a tantrum when she got a good look at it. She asked me why I got a boy’s haircut? I’m not going to worry too much about her. She’s got to learn to deal with her frustration over things she cannot change. It will grow on her.

I’ve had my hair cut short a couple of times in my life and every time I remember thinking, this is the way my hair is supposed to be.


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