Yesterday I told you about what I made for breakfast. I made something special for dinner as well. Everyday Food this month had these delicious looking grilled pizzas and it inspired me to try to make them too. I had a little trouble getting the dough to retain it’s shape and size when transferring it from the pan where I had stretched it and brushed it with oil to the grill. They tasted really good. The dough got that nice charred flavor. Mr. Awesome loved his and that is what is most important.

I made the dough from scratch and I was reminded of how much I love to make bread. My Mom never tried making bread at home but I do remember going on an elementary school trip to a classmate’s home to make bread with her bread making Mother. I was so impressed with the whole process of it. Mixing the ingredients, knead the dough and then the magic part where the yeast comes alive and grows before your eyes.

When I worked as a pastry assistant here I got to make a lot of bread. I started very early in the morning and had to prep the station and make a lot of different things for lunch. On the weekends I had to make all the fresh rolls and danish for Brunch. The bread dough alone required a 50 lb bag of flour. When Bobby opened a small Spanish restaurant nearby I also had to do all the prep for that place as well. There the pastry chef had me baking brioche for bread pudding and another bread in giant coffee cans. All these different breads had the same basic drill, ingredients, mixing, kneading, rising magic, roll and bake. It was all very zen. I really enjoyed that part of the job. I came in, had my list of things to do and then I was done. I didn’t enjoy working service at all. Even though it wasn’t that busy at lunch time I always felt like I was in the weeds.

We’ve been finally talking about replacing the broken oven so I might be able to start baking again soon. I think I would like to become one of those bread making Moms.


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