Seen at the Pool

We went to the pool yesterday and I got to try out my new bathing suit bottom. I have a tankini top with a blue floral print that I don’t entirely hate but haven’t been able to find a nice bottom to go with it. I wasn’t completely sure about this Swim Mini when I ordered it here but once it arrived and I tried it on. It looks cute and gives good coverage. The ruffles cover and distract the eye from various shape issue spots. Mr. Awesome and Piper both liked it too so I felt I was ahead of the game.

I have only one teeny complaint to lodge – when one actually goes into the pool the ruched material fills with air and floats to the top of the water. Kind of like you’re wearing a bright blue inner tube around your waist! I was floating on my back and Mr. Awesome said it looked like I was pregnant. *Sigh* Not really the look I was going for. Of course I already removed the hygienic crotch strip so I can’t return it anymore. I don’t want to, I still like it. Just think, I can use it as a handy flotation device in a pinch.


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