Right Now

Right now I’m 44 years, 18 days old.

Right now I’m craving sweets. In particular the Jelly -Belly’s in the kitchen cabinet. All of the toasted marshmallow ones please.

Right now I’m reading Somewhere Inside by Laura and Lisa Ling but I think I need to read Confessions of a Prairie Bitch right now.

Right now I have high hopes for the kid’s theater program they’re having at the library next fall. I was a little frightened by the instructor’s dangly comedy and tragedy earrings but I’m staying positive for now.

Right now it’s blueberry season and almost everything is better with blueberries.

Right now I still miss David Tennant but I’m trying to be open minded.

Right now I’m really enjoying our new summer hours. Piper gets on the camp bus 1/2 hour later than the school bus but those 30 extra minutes make such a big difference.

Right now my favorite joke is: Did you hear what happened when the drummer locked the keys inside the tour van? It took them 4 hours to get the accordion player out!

Right now my back is still sore from trying to pick up the crock pot on Sunday.

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