Miss Goldie Dorothy Bo

May I introduce, our newest member of the family Miss Goldie Dorothy Bo.

Miss Goldie Dorothy Bo

Goldie came to us on Monday night at a party at the Library. I knew we were in trouble when we saw all the kids running around the Library lawn toting plastic bags of goldfish. When we first got her home we put her in a glass flower vase. It was fine at first but it got smelly and dirty so quickly. We got her some goldfish good and changed the water yesterday but I still found myself worrying about her during the day today. I told Piper when we got her that goldfish don’t always live for very long and that she should prepare herself for a possible early demise. It’s sound advice but I guess I wasn’t listening to it myself. I went to the pet store after work today and bought our Goldie a proper tank and some water conditioner. It’s only 1 gallon but it has a filter. It’s hard to read a goldfish but she seems to really like her new home.



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