3rd of July

I took the last couple of days off from my blog after writing everyday in June but I kind of missed you so here I am. There’s been a bit of thought build up (is that like waxy build up?) in my head and I need to get it out.

This past week was Piper’s first week of day camp. She went to this same camp last year but she was in the Young Campers program. She is very wary of change and before camp started told me that she wanted to stay in Young Campers and not move up. Now that camp has started and she is in a real cabin with other girls her age I can tell she is really enjoying herself. She’s already come home with two lanyards and is teaching us some silly hand clapping games. They invite the kids to sleepover one night at camp every other week. Last summer she only did the very last one. This summer she’s already signed up for the first one. She is just learning to swim and yesterday she put her entire head underwater for the very first time. I am so proud of her. Our mornings before camp have not been without anxiety and stress. She’s holding it together so well while she’s there that she’s just unloading it all on me beforehand. We’ve had a couple of big freakouts this week but we’re working through it. Tuesday was “Bug Day” and they told them to come dressed as your favorite bug. Next time I need to remind her that it does not mean you are supposed to look like an exact scientific representation of a bug. Wearing black shorts and a black shirt with a big yellow light bulb on it is the perfect firefly costume.

Piper and I have been watching a lot of AFV (America’s Funniest Home Videos) lately. I LOVE this show. We just laugh our heads off. I think it is a perfect show to watch with your kid. It has something for everyone. I especially like the music montages. This one made us scream.

It’s July 4th weekend. Time to get our beer, I mean American on. I love America even though it’s been a challenge these past couple of years. I feel a bit better now that we have a President I can respect. We’re still going down the crapper but at least now we’re going down with some thoughtfulness. America is great, it’s just those pesky Americans I have a problem with. When I think about what I love about America, I think about people like Pete Seeger. When I think about 4th of July I can’t help thinking about one of my most favorite musicals EVER:

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