Mary Jane, Snail of Mystery and Other Updates

There’s been a lot going on around here lately so I thought I’d fill you in with some updates.

Snail porn

Our Mary Jane is not quite this sexy looking

We recently acquired a new member of the Roolalenska family – Mary Jane, Snail of Mystery. The snails are actually called Mystery Snails or Apple Snails but I prefer to think of her as a our own little Snail of Mystery. It makes me think of snails wearing dark glasses passing important documents in cafes. I picked her up while I was out grocery shopping the other day. I kind of liked walking around the store with her in her little bag of water in the top of the basket. She’s Goldie Dorothy’s new neighbor. I made sure to ask at the store if the snail and the goldfish were a good match and was told yes. I definitely don’t think I got the right information. Unfortunately Goldie is not exactly setting up the welcome wagon for her newest tank mate. Frankly, she’s quite the bully. I fear that she’s nipped the poor snail’s antennae off. Goldie likes the snail’s food (yummy algae wafers!) and when I put a couple of small pieces in the tank Goldie gets very excited. This morning she revved herself up and raced around the tank before acting like a battering ram on Mary Jane’s shell. I’m hoping that the snail doesn’t get so stressed out that she decides to stop living because I’m enjoying having her around. I like watching her “speed” around the walls of the tank.

Boy, my feminine christian attire look is really getting around. I was recently informed that Robes et Jupes – A Gallery on Flickr had added my photo to their collection.

She looks HOT! No, really kind of warm.I'm not sure how I feel about this one.

Pleats!Go Feminine Christian Attire!

Looking at some of the pictures I’m not sure if the person that created the Robes et Jupes gallery has as pure intentions as the feminine christian attire person. I’m also not sure if this is a bad thing. On a somewhat related note we saw a large group of Orthodox Jewish girls at Lake Minnewaska yesterday. They were all on mountain bikes riding the challenging trail around the lake. Even though they were on bikes in the dirt they still maintained the modesty rules in their dress. All of them wore tops with three quarter sleeves but all seemed to be made of thin high-tech fabric for keeping cool and skirts below the knee with either leggings or pants. I admired their punky yet prim attitude.

Once school ended we relaxed our TV rules here at Chez Lenska and I definitely think that it was a mistake. During the school year we limited Piper’s TV watching to after school on Friday, Saturday and Sunday only. When school ended she kind of jumped right back into the deep end of TV watching. To be fair she is at camp during the day until 4pm so it is not like she is watching 24/7 but I’ve definitely noticed the difference in her behavior. She’s been a lot whinier and seemingly unable to entertain herself without some kind of multi-media for company for any length of time. She plays games on the computer and on the Wii and they don’t seem to have the same effect on her that the TV does. She had no TV today at all after camp and I already see a great improvement. We’re going to have to manage the TV a lot better from now on. I for one prefer to watch the action in our fish tank.

Not really an update but I need to vent. I’m frustrated that I can’t figure out what I did with Piper’s bathing suits. She’s got at least two or maybe three perfectly good bathing suits from last summer. My mom gave her two new ones in the spring and I’m so glad that she did. I have looked every where but have not been able to find them. It’s like I have a mental block or something. I hope they turn up soon because I’m getting tired of having to constantly wash and dry the two bathing suits so she’s got something to swim in at camp. I get very annoyed with myself when I lose things in my own house . . . . . oh where oh where can they be??

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