This is my 201st post. On TV they always make a big deal when a show reaches its 100th episode. I feel like I should have a big party with a sheet cake and a bouncy house. We’ll all just have to use our imaginations. It is mid-summer yet it feels like fall will be here before we know it. Camp ends in a couple of weeks and then it will be back to the old grind. The old grind is pretty much the same as the current grind, just with homework. I guess this post will just be a list of all the things that I’ve been thinking about lately.

We’ve been enjoying the Summer Reading Program at our local Library. Piper’s been reading constantly in the hopes of earning prizes. She hasn’t read as many books this year as she’s done in the past but more than half of them were 100 pages or more. She reads a lot anyway but this summer she’s been making a special effort. We even discovered some new books in our quest to find some new stuff to read. We started reading The Secrets of Droon series and the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. The Droon books are a bit of a Harry Potter/Magic Treehouse rip off but we’ve really been enjoying them. The Diary of a Wimpy Kid books are really funny. They remind me of an older, male Junie B. Jones. She  enjoys reading them to us which I love.

I was doing a lot of reading this summer too and it’s been great. I’ve read:

Open by Andre Agassi
Somewhere Inside by Laura and Lisa Ling
Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs
The Heart of the Sea by Nathaniel Philbrick
The Indifferent Stars Above by Daniel James Brown

Out of all of them I’d have to say that The Heart of the Sea was my favorite. It is about the Nantucket Whaleship Essex that was rammed and sunk by a whale in the middle of Pacific Ocean and was Melville’s inspiration for Moby Dick.  The crew escaped in three small whaleboats and traveled thousands of miles before they were finally rescued. Alas, now my reading has taken a back seat because I’ve started making things again.

My newest obsession!

I saw a pattern for these animals that I thought were cute. I’ve changed up the original pattern and I’m loving how they look. They are knitted and I’m enjoying knitting again. It has a much cleaner flatter finish than crochet.  Of course now I can’t stop myself from jumping into full production mode. I’m on my fourth one already. Piper asked if I could make one for each of her counselors at camp. We’ll see how far I get. I’m not sure if these will end up on etsy or not. We think the one on the right looks like Nigel our dear kitty. The one on the left is going to be a bunny. What do you think?

I heard this story on the radio the other day and it really made me angry. In a nutshell some psychiatrists have decided to remove the “bereavement exclusion” from their definition of major depression. They now seem to be saying that if you experience depression as a result of grief over the loss of a loved one and this depression lasts for more than two weeks it passes into clinical depression which is considered a disorder and should be “treated”. Why can’t you be sad over the loss of a loved one? If you can’t grieve mightily over the loss of your child what are you allowed to be really sad about? I think that the grief process helps the griever to process the loss. Depression is normal in these situations. Why do they want to make it go away?

Have I mentioned to you dear Internets that I loathe flip-flops. Am I alone in this? I feel like I am. They are not shoes yet people treat them like they are. I have a pair but I try to only use them in the house. Personally, I don’t like looking at my toes and flip-flops are all about the toes. Maybe I should loosen up a bit . . . nah, I hate the damn things and I’m not afraid to say it.


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