In the BinI went on a little cleaning spree on Sunday. I decided to recycle my 20+ years of journals rather than keep holding onto them. I used to be a very regular journal writer and kept one from before Middle School well into my 30’s. Other than noticing the changes in my handwriting over those years I really didn’t feel compelled to sit down and read any of it before I tossed it out. Skimming the pages as I tore them from the bindings I saw lots of names with their accompanying disappointments and heartbreaks. It wasn’t all sad stuff but It felt good to let it all go into the bin. If you had told 8th grade me how easy it would be for 44 year old me to throw it all out I never would have believed you.


2 thoughts on “Journals

  1. raelle koota says:

    My grandmother was a keeper of all. When she died we found drawings my mother did in 4th grade ( and 5th and 6th) -every report card, etc…No one even knew she had it until she died and we were going thru her things. Because of my Grandmother’s obsession, my mother became obsessed with keeping nothing. When they moved from GN in “87, I was told I could keep anything I wanted that would fit in one large binder folder and my old ballet slipper case. Nothing more. David and Lacey, too. Though I was totally pissed at the time that I had to throw out my Grease Poster, and my Amadeus Poster, my dried bouquet from my 1st grade ballet recital, and many other things I am sure you would remember ( bye bye all those leg warmers, flashdance cut tshirts, blue spandex pants I lent Karin Title for Grease- I had worn them previously to Bari Lieberman”s Bat Mitzah, when it was ’79 vogue to dress like a hooker for shul. Now I look at my binder and box and I am so happy it is all I have, because it is easy to go thru and everything in them has a real meaning to me. All the Level’s programs, Swas yearbooks, pictures of the slick chicks et all, birthday cards from my grandparents and of course my autographed postcard from Jamie Farr… The “less” really is “more”. I commend you for letting go. No need to be reminded of middle school anymore. I know this based on the fact we sat with each other at lunch everyday in 8th grade and remember that there is nothing great to remember except that I was always with you (and I do remember there was some hot foreign guy that was in our grade for just that year I think. Can’t remember his name, but I can picture him outside the cafeteria hanging out – he was blondish. Do you remember him? I hope you feel fresh and lighter…Now, do you keep everything of Piper’s? I have large zippered sweater bag for each of the boys for permanent keeps. During the school year I keep it all, come june, we pick 3 or 4 “special” things to save like art projects, book reports. bday cards…and then I have their baby books + the starter kit of hospital hat, first blanket, birth announcement, etc…So far it is working ( iphoto and flip videos are a BIG help). Hope all is well in the land of Bo. xR.

    • Roolalenska says:

      Raelle! Thank you for your awesome and thoughtful comment!! I like that box/binder idea and I’m sure that my minimalist husband would definitely get behind that. My daughter is another story. She likes to keep everything. The smallest, dingiest piece of paper is precious to her. It might be an only child thing?? She’s got no one else around to help her remember her story besides us and we’re constantly telling her to get rid of stuff, etc. I still have SO much of her stuff in the closet and upstairs in the attic. You can tell she was a full-time high quality daycare kid – we have art projects that correspond to every single day of her life from year 2 to 4. I’ve given a lot of it to my parents (where it will just come back to me again in a couple of years *SIGH*) and I think they are enjoying it all for now. I do feel lighter but there is so much more to do! There are boxes and boxes of stuff in my attic that hasn’t been touched since it was packed in Spring/Summer of 2001. I’ve got to make another foray this weekend. Wish me luck!!

      I’m kind of remembering a blonde boy as well. Sort of a Lief Garret surfer boy look, right? The name Elan comes to mind?? Or was that the French kid that lived with the Pearls?? So fuzzy . . .

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