Wish me luck!

Please wish me luck oh Internets! We had been planning a little family getaway upstate but Mr. Awesome got sick on Monday night and he has to stay home and heal. I tried to see if the place we were going to stay would allow us to move the date. They wouldn’t. It is a very small place and they have a strict cancellation policy. If you go past a certain date they won’t let you cancel or reschedule without forfeiting your payment. I respect their policy and all but I felt they were a tad bit inflexible considering my husband had a medical emergency. So, Piper and I are going on our own. I’m a little bit nervous about it. I hope we don’t end up yelling at each other the whole time. We both have to practice our listening and patience skills. It will be a good bonding experience for us. I know that she loves me but her Daddy is the FUN one. I can be fun er . . . I mean FUN too. They can spend long periods of time playing and making crazy stuff up together and I can’t compete with that. I shouldn’t but I still feel a little inadequate in that department. I have to remember to accept that I’m me and I’m great and fun in my own way. It’s that mirror thing again. On the one hand I’m telling my daughter to love herself and others, and at the same time I’m modeling a lack of confidence and belief in myself. I have to watch that. I also need to be sure to remain flexible. I’m always telling her to accept what she can’t change and move on. I have to do the same thing but in relation to her. I have to watch my tendency to be controlling and a nagger. Whoa, lightbulb moment. I just described my parents. My Mother is under confident and my Dad is a control freak. My parents are not coming on this trip!!

I’ll keep you posted and let you know how it’s going along the way.

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