My Starbucks Name

I went to vote on Tuesday with my daughter and the ladies at the desk asked me my name. I gave them my last name which is very unique. They immediately recognized it and one of them said, “oh Marissa Bo”! I made the split second decision to let the mispronunciation slide. It’s negative energy. Then one of them couldn’t leave well enough alone and said, “Marissa is SUCH a pretty name.” Negative or not I wasn’t going to let that stand. Story of my frakking life.

On a related note I think I have to choose a Starbucks Name. I hardly go into Starbucks but it is not the only place these days that asks you your name so they can call you when your order is ready. I have dutifully given my real name all these years just to hear it butchered. It gets tiring. I just realized that I can control that particular situation by giving them a name they won’t mess up. I was in Panera Bread yesterday and remembered my new plan in time to give it to the associate. I tried to think of something and “Daffodil” popped into my head. The kid’s expression changed ever so slightly as he tried to figure out how to spell it. When I looked at my ticket later he had spelled it, “Dafadil”. At least they said it right when they announced it.

Any ideas for me Internets? Do you have a Starbucks Name?

3 thoughts on “My Starbucks Name

  1. Gail Hunter says:

    My husband and I had a problem with cell phones: the part where you say “call xxxx”. He’d say “call Gail” and 5 similar-sounding names would come up. He finally found he could get me with “call Walter” – the only name that didn’t pull up someone else in my address book.

  2. michael m says:

    I have this issue with my last name when making reservations at restaurants. They never get it right, so sometimes I give a simpler last name. So, how do you say your first name?

    • Roolalenska says:

      My name is pronouced Ma-ree-sa. You wouldn’t believe how challenging this is for people. My favorite is when I email people whom I have never met at work and they reply to my emails calling me “Marissa”. I’ve checked my email signature and I definitely spelled it right there.

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