Fanny Doodle loves Sonny but doesn’t like Cher*

This blog gets regular hits from people searching for Fanny Doodles. Here’s some Fanny Doodle love for ya –

Fanny Doodle loves snowballs but hates snow.

Fanny Doodle loves noon but hates 12 o’clock.

Fanny Doodle loves to cook but doesn’t like the kitchen.

Fanny Doodle loves swimming but doesn’t like the water.

Fanny Doodle loves slippers but doesn’t like shoes.

Fanny Doodle loves lollipops but doesn’t like candy.

Fanny Doodle loves glitter but doesn’t like sparkles.

Fanny Doodle loves squirrels but doesn’t like chipmunks.

Fanny Doodle loves kittens but doesn’t like cats.

* Just to clarify, Fanny Doodle and I are NOT in agreement on Cher. I love Cher and always have.

Do you have any Fanny Doodles to share with the class?


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