About me

My name is Marisa. You know, like Theresa with an M. I’m a wife to Glenn (sometimes known as Mr. Awesome) and mother of Piper our seven year old daughter. Glenn and I used to live in NYC but moved to the semi-wilds of upstate NY about 9 years ago. Right after Hurricane Katrina I quickly became obsessed with reading the blogs that ordinary people were writing about what was really going on down there. Reading those blogs lead me to reading other blogs and those lead me to other blogs . . . you get the picture. I was always a regular journal writer but my mom/wife life had been getting in the way of that. All my blog reading was so inspiring that I decided to try to start my own. I mostly write about my family and my attempts to be a good mother and wife. I have had to deal with some major blows in recent years. At the beginning of 2007 my husband was in a devastating car accident and then at the end of 2007 I lost my older brother and only sibling to suicide. I have written about a lot of that here on this blog and I think that it has helped me. I hope that my words will in turn help someone else who finds themselves in a tough spot. I have a lot of interests and strengths I’m going to work on sharing more of those with you here. Please keep reading and let me know what you think! You can always email me at roolalenska at gmail dot com

Read this post to find out more about me. It’s a couple of years old but I think it says it all.


3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Maxabella says:

    Your blog is beautiful, Marisa. I’m going to enjoy getting to know you.

  2. evan h. says:


    in ‘Damaged Goods’
    who is the woman on the right in the photo?


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