Who is roolalenksa anyway?

The name roolalenska is an homage to the real Rula Lenska who appeared on Alberto Vo5 commercials when I was a kid. Apparently she was very famous in Europe but no one knew who she was over here. Years later when I was creating my profile on match.com (yes, I was on match.com darn it and I met my beautiful husband there!) I picked roolalenska for my screen name because it was just obscure enough to attract those who would get the joke and be invisible to those who wouldn’t. I have kind of kept the name for my online life ever since. My real name is Marisa, pronounced like Theresa with an “M”. Simple enough, right? Not! Since my own name can kind of be a sore spot for me it just seems easier to be roolalenska. You can call me roolalenska for short.


One thought on “FAQ

  1. owlsez says:

    You have a sense of humor too!!! In fact, your lemonade motto hit me: years ago, my husband fell for a pen offer…100 inscribed, etc. He was going to put his firm’s name on them, but I beat him to the punch and put “When life gives you…” Fortunately, he was amused.

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