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This past Friday was my 42nd birthday. Eeeeks! I know that 42 isn’t that old but I still can’t believe it. All in all it was an OK birthday. I had to work and my co-workers got me a cake and a card. I got half of the cake to take home with me but I ended up throwing it out. G and P won’t eat it and I need half of a 12″ cannoli cake like a hole in the head. G got me a couple of blouses for our trip. I love it when he buys me clothes! He has such good taste. We celebrated more officially last night. I thought about going out to dinner but decided to stay home and grill instead. It was a good thing too because P was a beast by dinner time. We’ll do a big celebration at Disney. We’re eating at the Whispering Canyon in our hotel the first night and I’ve heard that they make you do a lot of ridiculous things if you tell them it’s your birthday. It will be fun!

My birthday had a lot of tears this year. I kept thinking about my brother and how I wouldn’t be hearing from him this year or any year. I really miss him. We weren’t the closest but I’m stunned by how much I feel his absence. Everytime I see a picture of him I’m reminded of what a massive waste it is. He was a beautiful person. He had a lot of issues and was troubled but he was so smart and funny and handsome and he was the only one who could really understand me and where I’ve come from. I spoke to my parents twice on Friday. They called and left a message in the afternoon and I listened to it when I got home. It was so typical. You hear my Mother telling me some story about how my uncle from the Phillipines sent an email and he wished me happy birthday. At the end you can hear my Father shrieking at her in the background because she was telling the story wrong or some stupid crap. Why would he think that I’d want to hear that on my birthday? The problem is that sometimes he doesn’t think. Not. At. All. Why did my brother leave me alone with them?

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New Year

It still feels like my brother’s memorial was yesterday – it was only two weeks from yesterday – and I’m still processing it. Now I feel like I should send something for someone to read at my sister-in-law’s thing for him in California. The question is what to send and who is going to read it?

Overall, I think Christmas went very well. Santa didn’t bring P a T.M.E.-TMX and she didn’t even mention it. All the pastel colored pony related stuff pushed any Elmo thoughts of right out of her brain. There simply isn’t any more room. She and I were having some issues in the days immediately following Christmas but it has improved. She has been incredibly whiny and freaking out whenever it doesn’t go her way and will give up the millisecond she has any trouble doing anything. We’ve had some major clashes and I’m not sure if it is her attitude or mine. I don’t have a lot of patience right now. It could be that I’m tired after the holiday (or mid-holibirthday actually). She got so much stuff for Christmas and she is well aware that she is getting another large haul of stuff at the end of this week. There is no Santa involved in her birthday either. I have been reminding her that while Santa gives her presents for Christmas, Mommy and Daddy gives her presents for her birthday. What Mommy and Daddy giveth they can certainly puteth backeth.

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December 7 – Birthday

Yesterday, December 7th would have been my brother’s 46th birthday. I decided to take the day off from work and go on a field trip with my daughter. We did Christmas-y things. It was UNBELIEVABLY cold out but other than that it was really fun. She colored, put sparkles on an ornament, heard a story, met a rather svelte Santa (I guess he’s been watching his carbs) who gave her a “reindeer bell”, played in a mini “town” (the outdoor part) and ate a homemade donut. When we were home later I asked her what her very favorite part was and she said, “the bus ride!”

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Birthday Plans – Countdown to Five

I can’t believe that my baby is turning five in less than two months from now. She is already such a big girl. We’ve come so very far from last year at this time and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

Location: I’d like to do her party at home this year. I’m hoping to save a little money this way and I’ve been to most of the kid party venues in the area and none are really calling to me. Now, what I’m actually planning on doing with these children in my small house in winter time – that is another story! Since we can’t play outside in January – though it did end up being 65°- 70° on the day of her party last year – we have to have some sort of indoor entertainment. Any suggestions any of you may have would be greatly appreciated . . . anyone?? **Crickets**

Theme: She has expressed interest in having a “princess” party though I’m not exactly sure what this means to her. I thought we could include something in the invitation that encourages everyone to dress like their favorite princess, animal or superhero. I found these kits online. I thought that it might be fun for each child to make a princess or superhero puppet of themselves with their own head on it. We could take pictures of everyone when they arrive at the party and then print out the head and cut it into the right shape. Is this too ambitious? Probably! I’ll definitely have some backup animal heads ready just in case. I was worrying about where we’d be doing the crafty portion of the party and then I remembered my husband’s photo studio in the garage. When I mentioned it to him he didn’t sound that thrilled about it but he is always saying the P can do art out there so why not her and 12 of her closest friends? They’re not going to be painting these things they’ll just be using markers, crayons, glue, etc. It all sounds pretty manageable to me. As for the plates, napkins and cake theme – I’ll probably do My Little Pony or something similar. We still have the Hello Kitty Happy Birthday Banner from two years ago and we’ll probably use that again. It just doesn’t get old! I started making the invitations yesterday and found all these cool facts about the number 5.

The Big Gift: I have no idea. Really. She needs a new bike but that can maybe wait until the spring.

The Big Worry: I know from last year that she has figured out how to handle herself in these kinds of situations. She was a total little star at her party last year. I’m not really worrying about that. I guess my biggest worry is that my parents won’t behave themselves. Isn’t that ridiculous? I’m also worrying about the guest list a little bit. She wants to invite her new school friends but I don’t feel like we can ignore the children that we know from before school. These are the kids that are the children of our friends. She doesn’t see them as often but they always invite us to their parties. I guess I’ll just invite them all and relax. They won’t all come and if they do, the more the merrier . . . I guess.

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Oiy, has it really been that long?

I just logged on and saw the date of my last posting – oiy! I’ve been quite neglectful lately. I guess once NaBloPoMo was all done I couldn’t keep up. How pathetic, eh? Well, quite a lot has happened since then – we had a few holidays in there and we had the P’s 4th Birthday . . . I’ll just try to update you on the major stuff (and some of the minor too).

  1. I lost my job at the end of November – I didn’t tell you about it when it happened. I was still in a little bit of shock all through Thanksgiving. We’ve cut P’s daycare days down to three and I’m out there looking for something else. I still earn commission from any sales that I make but I don’t have a salary anymore. I’m hoping that this will mean bigger and better things for me in the near future but it still sucks . . . .
  2. P and I handled G’s trip to California (December 16th to December 21st) like champions. After the second time drove down the driveway and P saw G’s car parked there and asked if Daddy was home – she got the hang of it. I was all stealthy and moved his car in and out of the garage to make it look like we weren’t all alone in the house. He was gone for 5 days total. P and I busied ourselves with various pre-Christmas projects. We even made cookies in the toaster oven – I don’t trust my bleepin’ oven anymore – thank goodness I bought those Pampered Chef Mini-Cookie Cutters! We were SO happy to see him when he came home. I was glad that he went and supported his friend through what most be the most awful time of his family’s life. I just got a tiny taste of what it would be to be a “single” mom (and I still got to talk to G everyday) and it was really really hard to not be lonesome.
  3. I have two new blog crushes that I want to tell you about . . . Karla at Untangling Knots just came home with her gorgeous baby boy Nate and I couldn’t be happier for anyone that I don’t really know. Her writing is so eloquent and inspiring and I can’t wait to follow her through her parenthood journey. Also, you must must read Antonia at Whoopie. She’s so funny and cheeky and cool. She also has a brand new baby at home (I’m sensing a pattern here) – her precious daughter Esme. I’m also enjoying Strollerderby and the always delicious Orangette.
  4. Our holidays were pretty nice all around. We didn’t travel that far (My Sister-in-Law’s and Mother-in-Law’s) and my parents behaved themselves. P was the most excited I’ve ever seen her on Christmas Eve (we open presents on the Eve). I swear her eyes were like pins! She loved her Pink Kid-Tough Camera (thank you ebay!) and her ballerina Zoey doll. G gave me a great pair of candy striped rubber wellington boots. I feel so cool wearing them. I was sick throughout the holiday. My sore throat started on Christmas Eve (of course). I was toying with the idea of singing my aria for everyone on Christmas Day but I decided against it. I would say that all in all it was a good Christmas – we had a good time but I was very very glad that it was over.
  5. We went out on New Year’s Eve. It was just to a kid-friendly get-together at a friend’s house but we were out none-the-less. G wasn’t feeling so great (it was his turn for the cold) so we left at 10pm and we got cozy on the couch with Dick Clark, etc. The adult company was nice at the party but our friend’s son doesn’t seem to like P much anymore. She told me that he was saying mean things to her and didn’t want to play with her. We took Lamaze classes with his parents so our “babies” have been friends since they were babies. I understand that he might be moving into a boy vs. girls phase or maybe he’s just a jerk?
  6. New Year’s Day we went and got P a “big girl bed” for her birthday. Her room looks so freakin’ adorable now. I love it. She had been sleeping in her converted crib up until now. She loves it too. She’s been having a little trouble falling asleep in her bed without us there holding her but we’re working on it. She did great last night so I’m hoping for good things now.
  7. P’s birthday party was a GRAND SUCCESS. We brought cupcakes to her school on her actual birthday. She was great. This is her third year of birthday parties there and she has never been so well behaved. The first year I wanted to disappear into the carpet when she started to throw a tremendous screaming kicking-on-the-floor fit when she realized that we weren’t leaving when I got there. This time she helped to hand the cupcakes out to her friends and happily snapped pictures of everyone. After school we took her to Build-A-Bear. She was still sleeping with a binky and we’ve been telling her that you can’t have a binky when you turn 4. We told her that we’d get her a Build-A-Bear and we’d put her binky inside of it. She was super excited about the new Peep in her life but later asked me if we could take the binky out at bedtime. The next day was Saturday and we had both sets of Grandparents at our house for lunch before her kid party. Everything went well at home. Everyone seemed to get equal P-time and attention because you have to know that someone is keeping score. Her kid party was terrific. She exceeed my expectations and only needed parental intervention once and this was right before the pizza was served so it’s understandable. I was so proud of her and so happy to see her surrounded by kids who seemed to really like her. She got a lot of cute stuff and only one thing that I would never have bought for her myself – this (ours thankfully seems to stick to the script).

I think that you are all caught up now . . . I promise not to let this happen again! (Note: fingers only slightly crossed on that last line)

Happy New Year to all!!

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Countdown to FOUR

With P’s 4th birthday less than 2 months away, I thought that I’d bore you with some of the more tedious aspects of the party planning.

Location: We’ve had the last three birthdays at our home. This year we’ve decided to have it at the Gym where she takes Gymnastics. I feel like we needed to start inviting the kids from her class at school and we can’t fit everyone and their parents in my house. Her birthday is in the first week of January and it is too hard to find indoor activities for such a large group. She is very happy with this idea and has been helping me draw up the list of people to invite. She’s already told me that she doesn’t want her little cousin “following her around” all day and that she’d like her friend Colin to sit next to her. Our party is scheduled for 4pm on a Saturday. This means we’ll be having a family party at our house for Lunch time with her grandparents and cousins and then we’ll all go to the Gym for her kid party with her friends afterwards.

Theme: Last year we had plates and napkins and a cake with Hello Kitty on them. I picked everything out and sprang it on her at party time. I feel strangely comfortable with Hello Kitty even though I don’t usually like overly commercial things for her and the fact that Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth. The cost of the party at the Gym includes all the paper goods and balloons so we’ll probably just have the themed stuff at home with the g-parents. That makes that a lot easier.

The Big Gift: Traditionally we’ll go in on a larger gift with my parents and my in-laws. Last year it was an art easel with all the trimmings. This year I wanted to get her one of these. I thought she’d really like it and she could store all her food toys inside of it but I just got a lot of eye rolling from my husband and Mother-In-Law. They think that it is too big and that she’ll never play with it. I think that she’d play with it constantly but perhaps they are right about the size thing. Now we’re thinking of getting her a real bed. She’s still sleeping in her converted crib. The mattress is awful. It feels like cardboard and it’s covered in plastic. Her room is the size of a postage stamp so we’ll probably end up with a junior bed of some kind but it will be a lot more comfy. I’m looking at ones from Ikea – they are very inexpensive.

The Big Worry: Sometimes P becomes a whiny, clingy mess at Gymnastics and sometimes she doesn’t. I’m hoping that she’ll pull it out for her party. I think that she will but it is still in the back of my mind.

There, I think I’ve covered everything that I’m thinking about right now. . . . . I’ll keep you posted as we go a long . . .

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