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Some Halloween Ideas for Next Year

I was waiting for my turn at the deli counter today and saw some Halloween wigs that were on sale. I’m getting lots of ideas for next year. What do you think?

The International Playboy

Oddly enough this wig looked very similar to another wig called the “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”. I just can’t get enough of those fun loving mop-topped playboys.


The Ladies Man

This one may be mislabeled. Maybe they meant to call it “The Girlfriend of a Lesbian who looks like Justin Bieber” but they ran out of room.


The Cheap Date

Martha Stewart forgot to feature this one in her Halloween issue.



The Best of 2007: Mrs. Devil

Mrs. Devil

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I’ve been working on a new video of our pictures from 2007. While there isn’t a lot to celebrate about that year there were a few bright moments. When I saw this picture again I was reminded of how much I loved this whole idea and outfit. Sadly I didn’t win the office contest with my Mrs. Devil get up. The winner dressed as a bag lady complete with blacked out teeth and freaked the receptionist out when she tried to come in the locked front door before the office was open to the public. Yep, I’m definitely still bitter.

In fact I’d like a redo on the entire year of 2007 please. To quote Heather Armstrong, “it sucked and then I cried”.

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Regina Man

I’ve taught my daughter the proper names for all her body parts. I think that she should know the real names for things. There is no need to be squeamish about such things. I figure that I should start her young. This is the total opposite of my mother’s approach. Once when I was probably 10 or 11 we were in the sanitary napkin aisle at a drugstore. I asked her where you put a tampon and she got all flustered and told me you put them in your belly button. That left me a little puzzled. A teacher at her previous school taught her to call her vagina her “hinie”. This drove me crazy. Not only is that a silly word and impossible to spell, it usually refers to one’s backside! I’ve only regretted this policy once. That was when she was in the room when I was getting dressed and she suddenly said, “Mommy I love your vagina. It’s so furry!”

At my previous job I would occasionally take phone orders from a Canadian customer. He was a salesman and would call and order various swag items for his accounts all over Canada. He was very exacting and would make sure to carefully spell each name and address for me. Once or twice he sent stuff to the province of Regina. I’ve always pronounced this word like “REH-GEE-NA”. Can you guess how he pronounced it? This is probably the proper pronounciation but it was all I could do to keep from busting out laughing whenever I heard him say it. Let’s hear it for maturity.

P.S. Halloween Update: I can’t believe it but I lost the costume contest at my office by one lousy vote. They must have felt bad because my manager gave me a runner-up prize of $10 cash. The person who won dressed as a bag lady. She walked around the office before the voting closed down reminding everyone to vote. I guess I should have employed a lobbyist myself but I wanted to let my roll of duct tape speak for itself. I had a great time putting it together so I’m not totally disappointed. Just a little bit.


Good Advice

During the Halloween party at P’s school one of the other mothers came up to G to tell him how much she thought of P and what a wonderful little girl she thought that she was. He immediately told her about all the “problems” that she’s been having at school lately, that it seems hard for her to follow the routine and that we often get notes home about her whining and crying. She said that she used to get daily notes home about her son’s behaviour. She was dealing with a lot of other stuff at home and the constant notes were upsetting her. She decided that unless he hurt someone else she was just going to chalk his bad behaviour up to normal pre-schooler stuff and she told them not to tell her about it. There’s a spot on the daily report that we take home where the teacher can circle if your child was “cooperative” or “uncooperative”, etc. The mom said that now she just gets the circles and not long drawn out reports on her child. I’m trying to listen to what she said because the guilt was really making us miserable. She’s one of the youngest children in the class and I also think that she is probably one of the few “only children” in the class too. It’s hard for her I know. She doesn’t get a whole lot of time around other children in our home. I worry that she spends too much time around adults where she is usually the center of attention. I’m going to try to remember all this and not freak out about it. If she’s not drawing blood, heck – she’s doing just fine, right?

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G and I were very worried about P and how she was going to fair this year. She had a terrible morning at school on Monday and we really expected the worst for Tuesday. She’s been having issues with following the daily routine at school. She would rather sit by herself and “read” her books than to participate in circle time or in the story time or do the project. I love that she loves books so much and she seems to memorize them very easily so that she can read them to herself. Sometimes she will make up her own stories too. I think that this is wonderful but I also want her to follow the program. I feel she’s at pre-school to learn about following routines and to listen to adults and to get along with other children. When her teachers challenge her at these times she will start whining and crying or at the worst start screaming! They’ve been trying to just ignore her but it is hard if she is doing this at naptime and everyone else is being kept awake by my shrieking child.

Well, I’m very pleased to report that she had a GREAT Halloween yesterday. She participated in all the morning activities and marched in the Halloween parade in the afternoon. Last year, she ran crying to G as soon as she saw him. This year she smiled and waved at us from her place in line – so cute! After school we paid a visit to our 89 year old neighbor Mrs. Potter. P was very patient and Mrs. Potter didn’t hear P’s stage whisper asking me if she had anything for P. We tried a little trick-or-treating after Mrs. Potter’s house but the first block we went to was pretty much a bust. As G took her to the next block I ran home to greet our trick-or-treaters. We were pretty busy – I ran out of candy (2 bags) and had to dig into our fruit snack supply. P gave out a little candy too but then she saw some scary masks and only wanted to come to the door for princesses.

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P started calling me “Mom”. I have to say that I’m a little uncomfortable with it still. She’s my baby and I’m not ready for her to sound so grown up. I guess that it is also because I still call my parents “Mommy” and “Daddy”. I know that I’m not the only adult child in the world who does this but I always knew that it wasn’t the norm. I guess that it is just another part of the weirdness that is my family. I’m proud of her. She’s really trying to keep to her new name for me. It’s not like a Mommy doesn’t slip out every once and a while but I can hear her making the concious effort to call me Mom.

Recently, she’s also been obsessed with her Little Einstein’s DVD and with wearing her halloween costume. She is going to be June from the show. June is pretty cute and it is very convenient because we already have a ballet outfit (that we had to fight her into every Saturday last year when she was actually taking a ballet class). June wears earrings though and P’s ears are not pierced. I don’t believe in piercing a baby’s ears. I think that you should leave that choice up to the child. So I made her a pair of clip on earrings out of pipe cleaners and felt. They came out quite cute and she loves to wear them. As soon as we get home from School she wants to immediately change into her “ballet clothes” and puts on her earrings and her June headband and is calling me Mom and sometimes I feel like I’m sitting there with a 12 year old. Then of course she starts freaking out when it is time to change into jammies and go to bed and I’ve got my baby back once again.

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